Cecil B. Moore and Whitman Library Branches – LEAP

“[I like LEAP] for access, like just having the space so I can do my homework and to have research options.”N., 7th Grade

Located in all of the 54 Free Library neighborhood libraries, the Free Library of Philadelphia Literacy Enrichment After-school Program (LEAP) provides homework assistance, computer literacy, and library skills to students K – 12. Under the supervision of the librarians and library staff, Afterschool Leaders (ASLs) lead the program and receive support from Teen Leadership Assistants (TLAs) and college students (Associate Leaders). Sometimes students who attended LEAP as elementary and middle-school students go on to become High School TLAs, giving them an opportunity to provide the same support and mentoring they had received.  At Whitman Library, the current ASL has been involved in LEAP nearly all his life – attending the program as an elementary student and working as a TLA in high school at the Free Library, and then as an ASL once he graduated college.

At the Cecil B. Moore Library LEAP program, students can participate in hands-on creative projects and play games that involve pattern recognition, spelling, numbers, and more. During LEAP at the Whitman Library, students can engage in literacy and STEM-based activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A 7th grade student at the Cecil B. Moore location explained that he values LEAP “for access, like just having the space so I can do my homework and to have research options.”

I didn’t hear about the library until recently,” said R., who is in 6th Grade. But once he started going to LEAP, he really enjoyed it and now comes almost every day. 

More details about LEAP can be found here.