Parks & Recreation – Bridesburg

“We had to do a project on what we want to be and I chose a comic book writer and at school we went up and gave presentations.”M., 1st Grade OST Participant
Bridesburg Rec Center

At Philadelphia Parks and Recreation’s Bridesburg Recreation Center, students start off their afternoon playing in the gym or outside for fun exercise. Following this recess time, the students receive lunches and get right into homework time. Both the younger (grade K – 2) and older (grade 3 – 5) students work on their homework and receive help from student volunteers and staff members. After completing their homework, students can play board games, draw, and work on arts & crafts. In addition, some students participate in dance, gymnastics, or other classes that are offered.

The Bridesburg Recreation Center is closely connected with the community, and some of its school-year and summer youth volunteers previously attended the program as a child. As one volunteer explains, “Everybody gets along…we’ve [my sibling and family] been a part of Rec for a while.”

You can learn more about Philadelphia Parks & Recreation programming here.