United Communities Southeast Philadelphia

“I like learning in the afterschool program!”A., 1st Grade OST Participant

United Communities Southeast Philadelphia (UCSEP) is a provider of afterschool programming to children and youth in Southeast Philadelphia, as well as a truly comprehensive support provider to the Southeast Philadelphia community as a whole.

The many services that UCSEP provides to families in the community, including ESL classes, GED classes, Benefits Access Center, Family Empowerment Services, housing support, and assistance with annual tax filings seek to assist all members of the community with the resources and tools needed to move forward in their lives. UCSEP takes special care in serving the whole family because a family that has its needs met will more likely be able to provide a home environment that is conducive to learning.

At D. Newlin Fell Elementary School, UCSEP has a strong relationship with the school principal and classroom teachers, allowing for targeted interventions to support students who have particular needs. The Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative (SEPC) has a partnership with the school and helps to provide counseling and truancy support services. SEPC also works to develop strategies for improving the afterschool experiences for all students. The afterschool program is open to children and youth in the entire SE Philadelphia community, with the vast majority of current participants being students at D. Newlin Fell Elementary School.

OST participants are able to engage in literacy activities aimed at honing their reading and comprehension skills. The Youth Education for Tomorrow (YET) Program, made possible through a partnership with the Philadelphia Out-of-School Time Literacy Initiative (POSTLI), provides services to participants in 1st-3rd grades. The OST participants are able to participate in read-aloud activities, as the program emphasizes continuous improvement in literacy skills in youth. When the weather outside is nice, students enjoy reading in the fresh air. Additionally, POSTLI Literacy Coaches interact with OST staff and communicate best practices in expanding literacy competency in children through Professional Development Workshops.

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