One of the key deliverables, under the 2012 Wallace Foundation grant the City received, was to develop a reliable data system. Reliable data is a central piece of afterschool systems building as it allows for collecting, analyzing and applying data to accomplish set goals.

In Fall 2017, The Citywide OST Initiative released an RFP for an OST database system and selected CitySpan as the new platform. CitySpan will be fully rolled out in Fall 2018, but certain programs and networks have already begun using the system.

The CitySpan database is a robust participant enrollment and attendance tracking system that features reporting functionality that allows OST program providers to easily create reports from their data whenever they need to.

Most OST programs are required by their funders to track attendance and related program data. CitySpan is a free database solution built for this purpose!

CitySpan will also host a program locator tool that can be used by families to find OST programs across Philadelphia.

If you are an OST program provider and would like to sign up to use CitySpan or have questions about the collected OST data, please contact