For Providers

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    Spring 2018

    Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR), the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP), After School Activities and Partnerships (ASAP), Philly Reading Coaches (PRC), and a limited number of 21st Century Community Learning Centers begin using the database.

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    Summer 2018

    The roll-out continues: PPR will extend use to their summer camps and the Police Athletic League will begin using the database.

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    Fall 2018

    Community-based organizations funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS) will begin using the database.

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    Winter 2019

    The COI will launch a Program Locator using CitySpan to allow families to search for OST programs across Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s shared Out-Of-School Time database, offered through CitySpan, is a robust participant enrollment and attendance tracking system.

If you are an OST program provider and would like to start using the database or have questions about OST data, please contact

Reliable data is a central piece of out-of-school time systems building as it allows for collecting, analyzing and applying data to accomplish set goals.

Most OST programs are required by their funders to track attendance and related program data. The Citywide OST Initiative (COI) has contracted CitySpan to build a database exactly for this purpose! The database, free to Philadelphia OST providers, allows users to access program data and create reports with ease.

COI will also provide a Program Locator tool through CitySpan that can be used by families to find OST programs across Philadelphia.

Features and Support

  • Enables staff at OST providers to enter, track, and view data (attendance, demographics, youth outcomes, program assessments, workforce development, etc.) on a range of devices.
  • Intuitive interface and logical work-flows to promote ease of use and error-free data entry.
  • Supported by COI Data Team, the system provides a range of growing reports and data analysis needed by various levels of OST data users.
  • Ability to use barcode scanning to track the daily attendance using handheld scanners.
  • Meets FERPA and HIPAA requirements and has maximum security parameters: secure data center, 256-bit transit encryption, multiple credentialing and authorizing methods, unique user IDs, automated timeouts, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits.