OST Research: Local Studies

Research for Action has been engaged to conduct three pieces of research to help the Initiative establish a baseline understanding of the current OST landscape in Philadelphia.

This research includes:

  1. This report focuses on building a baseline map of where Philadelphia OST programs are in terms of conceptualizing and monitoring quality in their programs.(Funder: Wallace Foundation)   Scanning the System: Support for Quality Programming in Philadelphia’s OST, June 2017 
  2. Developing a quality tool to help identify and understand the indicators of high quality OST literacy programming, the characteristics of Philadelphia’s programs, and the extent to which local programs align to the indicators, providing a basis for implementing and scaling quality early literacy OST interventions.
    (Funder: William Penn Foundation) View one of three reports:
    Supporting Literacy in OST: Summary of Evidence, June 2017; An Examination of OST Early Literacy Practices in Philadelphia, October 2017; and OST Early Literacy Quality Tool, October 2017
  3. This report looks at data gathered from caretakers’ regarding their perception of the current OST system in Philadelphia and their priorities and concerns when making decisions about OST. (Funder: Wallace Foundation) Adding Another Voice: Caretakers’ Experiences Utilizing Philadelphia’s OST Programs, October 2017